Yoga Class Timetable & Bookings

Yoga Class Bookings

Our unique 90 minute class, strikes a balance between longer held poses and flowing movements. This class helps to create health and healing – to improve your current state of health to more optimal levels.

The class begins with centering, meditation and breath practice.

We then do gentle movements in the ‘target area’, to prepare your body for a series of longer-held, passive floor postures, which open the body, by working in the deeper tissues.

The 2nd part of the class helps to build strength and flexibility in your body.

You will finish the class with a nourishing deep relaxation to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed – great for dealing with stress and anxitey.

Monday Evening - 7:00pm Yin Yoga
Tuesday Morning - 9:30am Yoga
Wednesday Evening - 7:00pm Yin Yoga
Tuesday Evening - 7:00pm Yoga
Thursday Morning - 9:30am Yoga
Thursday Evening - 7:00pm Yoga
Saturday Morning - 8:30am Yoga

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$25 per week*

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