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I doubted my ability… But through Lauren’s beginners yoga workshop, I experienced greater flexibility, breathing & calm

~ Paula Keats

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yin yoga teacher qualification
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From Yoga Teacher, Lauren McKee

lauren mckee

Lauren McKee

Hi there,

My name is Lauren McKee, owner of Yoga Collective – based in the Paremata Boating Club.

When I first started yoga, I LOVED it, but I was surprised when I developed sore shoulders.

I thought, “Maybe I’m doing these yoga poses wrong?”

Turns out, LOADS of yogis and even yoga instructors hurt themselves doing yoga!

(But, I thought yoga was meant to be good for you?!)

This led me on a journey to figure out how to do yoga that actually heals rather than harms you. And, eventually, I became a yoga teacher.

Through study, observation, and trial & error, I evolved my own unique style. The main focus is to heighten awareness of the way you move and notice habitual holding patterns that cause stress, tension, and injury in your body.

From there, you can start improving the way you move… heal injuries… and enhance health to more optimal levels.

NOTE – this is NOT your typical yoga class!

You won’t be pushed into painful or dangerous yoga poses. (Because, that’s how yoga teachers end up at the Chiropractors!) So, if you’re hell-bent on fast-moving flows or hot yoga then this is NOT for you.

But, if you want to connect with yourSELF… work with your body instead of fighting against it… accelerate recovery… and calm your mind then, come and see why students are trying to keep Yoga Collective a SECRET for themselves!

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