March 22, 2018

Yin Yoga Class Tonight – Upper Body

Yesterday, we passed through the Autumnal Equinox.

Now, we’re entering the phase of shorter days and longer nights.

This is the Harvest Period – when farmers traditionally reap their crops, and store them away for future use.

It’s also the time for celebrating, and reflecting upon the successes and failures of the previous year.

In a similar way, that’s what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks, with our Yin classes… filling up your ’emotional reservoirs’, so you can draw upon them during the cold days ahead.

In tonight’s class, we’ll specifically work the upper back, chest and shoulder areas – which are great if you: work at a computer; carry children; or have issues, such as Frozen Shoulder.

The booking system is back online again.

You can book tonight’s Yin Yoga class, here:

== Book Yin Yoga Class

Let me know if you have any questions.

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