May 14, 2018

Two Months of Bellyful Meals Paid for By Mothers Day Yoga Retreat

Thanks to all the Mums who came along, and enjoyed the 2-hour mini-yoga retreat, on Mothers Day.

We raised enough money to provide Bellyful meals for 2 entire months – what a great result!

Once again, thanks to all of the sponsors who supported this event:

* Paremata Boating Club
* LUSH cosmetics
* Libertine Blends
* Aromatology by Keely Watson
* Donna Evans Massage Therapy
* Whittakers Chocolate
* Yoga Collective

Plus, Abundance, for lending their mats, props, and blankets for the event.

During the mini-retreat, we went over a series of techniques, to help Mums to de-stress and improve their wellbeing.

And, I want to invite YOU to experience some of this ‘calm’ for yourself… with a week of yoga, at the Boat Club, for FREE.

So, whether you came to the Mothers Day event, or not… you’re invited.

(NOTE – this offer is for those who are NOT already students at Yoga Collective.)

==> Click here to register for your FREE week, today.

See you at Yoga Collective!



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Chris McCarthy
Chris McCarthy
May 16, 2018 10:42 pm

That’s just wonderful Lauren! Fantastic initiative and beaut result. nice one!