February 22, 2018

Yoga Collective Membership

Recently, I’ve had several requests for some kind of subscription.

So, finally, I’m introducing a membership – giving you access to all classes, for $87 per month. (It works out to $20 per week.)

Quick story…

When I got into yoga, I paid a weekly subscription.Being the budget-conscious Mum that I am, I figured, ‘Hey – the more I go, the cheaper it gets!’

So, of course, I started practicing several times a week 😉

Personally, I just wanted a ‘breather’ from my chaotic situation. Things were pretty stressful, at the time… but that’s another story.

The hour away was pure bliss.

But, other areas of my wellbeing improved as well.

In short, the membership helped me to be super-consistent with yoga – a habit that improved every area of my life.

If you’re struggling to be consistent, then this will help.

Plus, I’m teaching yoga because I want others to experience the benefits that I did. It’s a total game changer.

To do that, I need this studio to be sustainable.

In order for it to be sustainable, I need people regularly supporting it.

Doing so will enable me to put on more classes and create more forms of value for you.

Besides the all-you-can-do classes, I’m adding these bonuses for members:


  • Soon, I’ll produce member-only videos, so you have the option of practicing at home.
  • Also, I’m creating various “challenges”. The first one will be a week or so long. The idea is to help you develop wellness habits that improve your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. There will also be some stuff that will help you with work.

Click here to become a member, so you can attend as many yoga classes as you want.

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