December 6, 2018

KoAlign ™ launches New Cork Alignment Yoga Mat

KoAlign is launching a new Cork Alignment Yoga Mat, targeting growing demand for natural products from the yoga market.
Laser engraved guides show where to put hands and feet, in order to achieve proper body alignment.
Based in Wellington, New Zealand, KoAlign makes natural products, to help yogis bring more joy into their lives . 
Director, Lauren McKee of KoAlign says: “Unless you do yoga in front of a mirror, it’s hard to know if you’re doing the poses correctly”.
“‘Koa’ means ‘Joy’, in Maori. Joy was also my Nana’s name, and she was a yoga teacher, here, in the 70s”.
The mat is made of biodegradable, renewable cork and natural rubber.
The value of the global yoga mat market is estimated to be over 1700 million $NZD, and growing. 
KoAlign was launched in response to demand from yogis, who want more from their current practice. They plan to develop other products and expand into Australia over the next 12 months.
About KoAlign
KoAlign is a natural yoga mat business based in Wellington and was co-founded by Lauren McKee and Wynne Pirini in 2018.

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