September 8, 2021

Delta Level-2

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It’s a whopper of a message today… It has taken me a while to get my head around the changes that need to be made for this new Delta-Level-2 but hopefully, I have covered everything here.

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH to those members who supported Yoga Collective again through this Lockdown period.

I REALLY appreciate you!

I hope you’ve all been keeping well at home & been thriving during the lockdown…

I spent lots of time practicing on my new instruments (Djembe & Space drum) that I have recently bought for the Sound Bath & Sound Healing training I’m about to start next month.
I also painted…. lots of painting around the house. I even took my brush down to the boat club & freshened up our yoga cupboard. As well as giving the place a good ‘spring’ clean.

And of course, I spent lots of time having fun (and sometimes going crazy!) with Isaac & Isla. Which also meant I was doing lots of breathing meditations to balance myself out.  😮‍💨

We’re opening this Thursday…. woohoo !!!

I’m so looking forward to seeing your lovely faces again 🤗.

Tomorrow I will make sure everything is set up and ready to go in the studio and also will be available during the day to answer any questions you have with the booking system and anything else you may be unsure of.

To keep the studio viable during Delta Level-2 I need to make a few changes. Understandably, membership numbers have dropped during this time and so, unfortunately, we will need to cancel a couple of the classes (hopefully, we will reinstate them after we’ve had a chance to assess attendance).

We are also going to reduce the class times to 75-minutes. This will give the teachers 15 minutes to clean the studio after each class.

Initially, we will start with Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat morning and Tues & Thurs night classes.
If I can see that we are at capacity for these classes then I will add classes as needed.

Our wonderful teachers Bridie & Jaime will still be teaching – we haven’t quite worked out which classes yet but you will see their smiling faces (behind their masks) at some of the classes.

Class times and days will be updated tonight. So, please check the timetable page.

‼ Online bookings are essential ‼

To comply with Alert Level-2, you must use the Yoga Collective booking system to book into each class. And then sign in when you arrive at the boat club using the NZ Covid Tracer App.

If you’re unsure of how to make a booking, please check the timetable page – I’ve posted a video there.

If you’re still unable to use the booking system then please email me the classes you would like to attend and I will book you in manually until I can show you how to use the system.

If you’re a member and can’t remember your booking code please email me and I will resend it to you.

Please ensure you cancel classes that you’re unable to attend to give others the opportunity to come to them.

Physical DistancingThe doors will open 15-minutes before each class starts

When arriving and moving about the studio, please respect the physical distancing rule, by staying 2-metres apart from each other.

There is hand sanitiser in the foyer for you to use as well as the QR code. These will also be available in the hall.
We will ensure the swing doors are on latches to minimise surfaces you touch and the teacher will pour the tea.

With the new 2-metre rule there is now limited capacity for each class. I am still working this out but it will be about 10 people per class.

Mask Wearing
Please wear your mask to & from the studio but you are welcome to remove your mask when we begin exercising.

Mats & Props
You must bring your own mat, strap, and blanket.

If you need a mat you’re welcome to purchase a KoAlign Cork Yoga Mat for the discounted price of $85.

I will also have a small number of props available for you to purchase. Please message me your order for pick up in class.
foam blocks ($7)cheaper yoga mats ($25)balls ($2)eye pillows ($25).

(I will still provide the wooden blocks because they can be quickly and easily sanitised.)

Feeling Unwell?
If you’re feeling unwell, please stay home until you feel better.

In the meantime, you may like to try my online classes, here:

Yoga Collective members will continue to have free access to these classes online.
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